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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ]   Created: 5/9/09   Closing date: 6/30/09
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Funny Late for Work Excuses

  • I didn't think you'd notice that I were late.
  • I saw an old lady playing a computer game and I helped her reach the next level.
  • I heard five unidentified persons calling you names and I stopped to argue with them.
  • I was helping other people by waking up late in the morning and thus easing the traffic jam during the rush hour.
  • I was searching for a new job.

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[ Vadim Stebakov ] 5/12/09
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Late for Work Excuses
  • In my night dreams, you told me it was a day off today, so I kept sleeping and woke up late.
  • My salary is too small. My last month salary is spent 100%, so I had to go to work by foot.
  • My wife called me a fool, so I had to spend about an hour to convince her that she was wrong.
  • I met your daughter in a night club and she told me, in your opinion, it was OK to be late for work.
  • A ball lightning penetrated into my flat. It was wondering near the exit door and thus blocking my way out for about an hour.
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