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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 11/3/09   Closing date: 12/3/09
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The unscientific study of the self-made members of the Forbes 400 published by Yahoo Finance reveals some interesting results. A greater part of the self-made billionaires:

  1. Have parents who were able to crunch numbers
  2. Were born in September (11%)
  3. Dropped out of college (15%)

So would you like to become a self-made billionaire? Here are there easy steps:

  1. Select number crunchers as your future parents
  2. Get born in September
  3. Drop out of college

That's it! From now on you can enjoy your billionaire life!:-)

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[ Ravi Bindra ] 11/9/09
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Great achievers are great risk takers. Self-made billionaires love to take risk in business. And often in sports too.

Read the article "Extreme Billionaires" to see how Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, Ted Turner and other self-made billionaires enjoy off-business extreme sports and other exercises.

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