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[ Dragan Dejkovic ]   Created: 5/8/14   Closing date: 5/30/14
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Ukraine massacreas junta and nationalists burned people alive in Odessa 2014

Napoleon advised, 'In politics... never admit a mistake.

We all also know that 'To err is human, to blame it on someone else shows management potential.'

We all also know that U.S. and EU politicians brought a junta to power in Ukraine. Yet, when that junta started massacring civilians and burning people alive, U.S. and EU sanction-addict politicians started blaming Russia for the same.

What great politicians and managers they are!


[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 5/8/14 Add a comment

The Ukrainian junta sent the army to massacre civiliants in the South-West Ukraine the next day after the visit of the U.S. Vice-Presindent Baiden.
The Ukrainian nationalists organized a massacre and burned alive 30+ people in Odessa two days after the Ukranian Chief Security Office, a well-known nationalist, arrived there.
Only a person with IQ=0 wouldn't understand who is behind these massacres.
So, if U.S. and EU top politicians try to blame Russia for the Ukrainian crisis, this means they believe all people in the World, except them, have IQ=0.
Really, great managers and politicians!

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[ Blob Varchar ] 5/8/14 Add a comment
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Well, they don't think about people being killed
  Victoria Kozlova 5/8/14
Nationalists who burned people alive got financial rewards
  Dragan Dejkovic 5/8/14
The Juges
  Elena Dobrynchenko 5/8/14
Who Assassinated Abraham Lincoln - a Fresh Idea
Humorous Ravi Bindra 7/4/14
I agree
  Anchali Hyapha 5/8/14
Yes, they turn the truth upside down to hide their own fault
  Ravi Bindra 5/8/14
They think we cannot think
  Blob Varchar 5/8/14
Do you thinnk they can think?
  Elena Dobrynchenko 5/11/14
Re: Do you thinnk they can think?
Humorous Ravi Bindra 5/11/14
Humorous Victoria Kozlova 5/14/14
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