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[ Victoria Kozlova ]   Created: 12/17/16   Closing date: 12/29/16
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THE GOLDEN RULE says 'One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself'.
USA actively and openly work on changing governments in other countries. The most striking recent examples include Iraq, Lybia, Ukraine and Syrya.

By doing so, US politicians invite foreign Golden Rule practitioners to reciprocate.

Yet, when Hilary Clinton lost the presidential elections 2016 to Donald Trump, Clinton and Obama started blaming foreign countries for their defeat.

Thus they demonstrated that the hated THE GOLDEN RULE. But THE GOLDEN RULE rules!

[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 12/17/16 Add a comment
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[ Dragan Dejkovic ] 12/17/16 Add a comment

that such small minds rule such a big country

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That's actually a global tragedy
Humorous Dragan Dejkovic 12/17/16
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