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[ Anchali Hyapha ]   Created: 4/23/18   Closing date: 4/30/18
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UK-based 'While Helmets' organization famous for producing and disseminating fake documentaries about Syria, came out with a new fake documentary. They rushed tio a hospital shouting "Chemical attack!" and video recorded the panic they created. Very cheap and disgusting provocation.

Yest, US, UK and France governments chose to use this provocation to showcase their military strength and scare developing countries to death. They all together launched over 100 missiles on Syria and claimed a victory.

Syria claimed a victory too, They managed to shoot down about 70% of the missiles launched on them, while the remaining 30% of the missiles landed in desert areas without causing any losses to Syria.

Wnat a great WIN-WIN outcome for everyone! World's history was enriched by a srory of the quickest and WIN-WIN war!

[ Ravi Bindra ] 4/23/18 Add a comment

The bombing cost taxpayer around US$ 200 M. This Presidential toy proved to be very expensive for taxpayers.

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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 4/23/18 Add a comment
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  Elena Dobrynchenko 4/23/18
It's good no lives were lost
  Dragan Dejkovic 4/23/18
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