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  It's good no lives were lost Comment 4/23/18 Dragan Dejkovic
  They are "Lying Like Boris Jonnson" Comment 4/14/18 Dragan Dejkovic
  Another Political Murder in London!!!!!!!!! Addition 3/17/18 Dragan Dejkovic
  It's clear that British secret service did it Comment 3/13/18 Dragan Dejkovic
  Well, if the want to be laughted at, they've got it))) Comment 12/15/17 Dragan Dejkovic
  Why did CIA expelled the cook? They should have hire him Comment 1/1/17 Dragan Dejkovic
  That's actually a global tragedy Comment 12/17/16 Dragan Dejkovic
  Wise politicians are rare, unfortunately Comment 3/30/16 Dragan Dejkovic
  That's a good idea! I shoud do the same) Comment 5/15/15 Dragan Dejkovic
  Shit happens Comment 1/21/15 Dragan Dejkovic
  Actually too many people do believe these top-level liers Comment 8/4/14 Dragan Dejkovic
  This Disease Turned Out To Be Contageous Comment 7/19/14 Dragan Dejkovic
  Re: Actually... Comment 5/12/14 Dragan Dejkovic
  Re: Yes, let's hope for the miracle as the reality is awful: Comment 5/11/14 Dragan Dejkovic
  Nationalists who burned people alive got financial rewards Comment 5/8/14 Dragan Dejkovic
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