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[ Dragan Dejkovic ]   Created: 6/23/15   Closing date: 6/30/15
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According to Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of the U.S.Departnment of State, USA spend US$ 5 billion to organize the coup in Ukraine.Was the coup itself the objective? Not at all. U.S. wanted to weaken its two main competitors: Russia and Europe. They knew that Russia would jump in to rescue Russian civilians in Ukraine from the new nationalisitic junta. USA then would force the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia. As the result, both Russia and EU woulld suffer huge losses.

The calculation was correct. Becaused of sanctions Russian lost US$ 100 billion, and EU countries lost US$ 150 billion and 3 million people in EU lost their jobs.

So U.S. Forecign Policy made a tremendously profitable investment: they invested US$ 5 billion to cause devastation in Ukraine which, in turn, cost Russia and EU US$ 250 billion combined. It's 5,000% retrurn on investment in just 18 month. Pretty good. Bravo, U.S. politicians! 

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Actually, they have similar ROI almost everywhere
  Victoria Kozlova 6/23/15
5,000% in 18 months? Wow! I have to learn from them)
Humorous Ravi Bindra 6/23/15
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