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[ Dennis Kotelnikov ]   Created: 8/21/20   Closing date: 9/20/20
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While working on IG 2020 creative challenges, I discovered that I were most productive Sundays.

Why? Here are the 3 reasons.


  1. FUTURE THINKING: On Sunday, I'm getting ready for the next week.It;s easy to expand the horizon a bit farther and think about what the future would be in 10 years
  2. TURN a PROBLEM to an OPPORTUNITY: Monday ahead is always a problem. While thinking about how to turn this problem to an opportunity, I can epand my thinking to the pandemic problem.and turn it to an opportunity.
  3. FIRST IMPRESSION: The very name Sun-Day tells me that this day was created specially for preparing videos for the First Impression contest.



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Re: Sunday is an Oasis for IG 2020 Creations
Humorous Arsen Sargsyan 9/4/20
Wonderful! Thank you!
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 9/4/20
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