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[ World IG 2020 ]   Created: 10/15/20   Closing date: 11/14/20
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FInalists of IG 2020, click on  the 'Bulb' button on your right to submit your invention.

Replace the default value of the title with the name of your invention, as follows: (Name of the Gift) for (Name of the Giftee)

For instance: "Two-Legged Chair for Peter Chikumba".

Type the description in the 'Modification' field.

[ Dennis Kotelnikov ] 11/7/20 Add a comment
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Umie Irdina's message to the World is "Slowly, but surely".

Any turtle but an entrepreneurial one would vote for this message with all her legs. For an entrepreneurial turtle, however, the message should be more specific. Hence, here is my joke gift for Umie: an Entrepreneurial Turtle shirt with the turtle saying, "Act slowly to fail surely".


Current message
[ Michael Zelin ] 11/8/20 Add a comment

Great humor: a nice play on the original message! Still, some might take the proposed reverse psychology sarcastic message too literally. How about a modified design:

3 turtles supporting the globe with embroidery on them: Innovation, Creativity, Love?   

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Re: Entrepreneurial Turtle Shirt for Umie Irdina
Humorous Michael Zelin 11/8/20
Great! Thank you, Mike!
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 11/8/20
Re: Entrepreneurial Turtle Shirt for Umie Irdina
Humorous UMIE IRDINA ZAIDI 11/10/20
Thank you, Umie
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 11/11/20
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