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[ World IG 2020 ]   Created: 10/15/20   Closing date: 11/14/20
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FInalists of IG 2020, click on  the 'Bulb' button on your right to submit your invention.

Replace the default value of the title with the name of your invention, as follows: (Name of the Gift) for (Name of the Giftee)

For instance: "Two-Legged Chair for Peter Chikumba".

Type the description in the 'Modification' field.

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[ Peter Chikumba ] 11/13/20 Add a comment
Expert rating 6.71
Public rating 6.71

Irene believes in having fun while doing business. When needs to get away from serious business she just takes a walk to the Office Park and Jonnie the Teddy Bear will be waiting for fun play. No need to fear Irene, Jonnie promises not to scratch you.

Subtree of discussion
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Opportunity Magnet for Laura Pamela Tigere
Humorous Kseniya Kotelnikova 9.29 11/11/20
Intellectual Game for Mike Zelin
Humorous Kseniya Kotelnikova 8.71 11/11/20
JMLS 4-in-1 Multi-Hat for Peter Chikumba
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 8.67 11/6/20
Entrepreneurial Turtle Shirt for Umie Irdina
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 7.42 11/7/20
Re: Entrepreneurial Turtle Shirt for Umie Irdina
Humorous Michael Zelin 11/8/20
Great! Thank you, Mike!
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 11/8/20
Re: Entrepreneurial Turtle Shirt for Umie Irdina
Humorous UMIE IRDINA ZAIDI 11/10/20
Thank you, Umie
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 11/11/20
Legless Teddy Bear for Irene
Humorous Peter Chikumba 6.71 11/13/20
An Ice Mountain for Marina Vorobyeva
Humorous Peter Chikumba 6.43 11/13/20
An Emergency Clown Nose for Dennis Kotelnikov
Humorous Adam Ramli 5.27 11/10/20
A Magic Laughing Gas for Mandy Murebwa
Humorous Adam Ramli 5.17 11/10/20
Baldness for Peter Chikumba
Humorous Mandy Murebwa 11/15/20
Rewards full of wonder for Kseniya Kotelnikova
Humorous Mandy Murebwa 11/15/20
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