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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 9/22/11   Closing date: 10/22/11
Market size: Large (> 10,000,000 people)    Investments required: Large (> US$5,000,000)
Expert rating 8.25
Public rating 8.2

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How to reduce traffic jam?

Scientists from the Seoul University discovered that traffic jams are easier to avoid or dissolve if all drivers keep proper distance. Drivetronic could help to achieve this. Usual parctronic provides signals to warn of a risk of collision when manoeuvring in confined spaces at small speeds. A second higher-speed driving mode could be added that would provide signals if the car gets too close to a car in front.

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[ Victoria Kozlova ] 9/22/11
Expert rating 8.75
Public rating 8.6

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If a driver, irritated by frequent drivetronic signals, switches the drivetronic off, an undisablable Drivetronic Antiswitchoff Alarm Sirene will make such a noise that will force the driver to turn the drivetronic on.

Tree of discussion
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Drivetronic Antiswitchoff Alarm Siren
Humorous Victoria Kozlova 8.6 9/22/11
Turning the drivetronic off should be punishable by law!
Humorous Ravi Bindra 9/22/11
Vitalika's Drivetronic Antiswitchoff Siren is a solution
Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 9/22/11
Yeah, a great one! This would help!
Humorous Ravi Bindra 9/22/11
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