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[ Elena Domnina ]   Created: 10/16/09   Closing date: 10/31/09
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Expert rating 8
Public rating 7.86

Door BellWhen you pussh the button of this door bell, it rings as it should do.

But it also starts talking to a visitor.

For instrance, it could say, "Are you sure the hosts want to see you?"

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 10/17/09
Expert rating 7.5
Public rating 7.4

The talking door bell could have 10 to 100 prerecorded answers that would be played in a random sequence.

Next time, talking the door say, "While you are waiting, please talk to me. What it your name?....Com'on! Tell me your name!"

Next time, it would say, "What do you think about global warming? I personally think it's especially dangerous for pinguins. What's your opinion? ... Com'on! Tell me what do you think about it/"

And so on.

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Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 7.4 10/17/09
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Humorous Dmitry Dryablov 10/19/09
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