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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 5/11/11   Closing date: 5/31/11
Market size: Large (> 10,000,000 people)    Investments required: Medium (< US$5,000,000)
Expert rating 9.6
Public rating 9.57

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SoulmatesThey way people give marks to ideas, quotes, jokes, articles, etc. they reveal themselves, their values, sympathies, and interests. In social networks, like Fun4Biz, where everyone has a track record of evaluating or favoriting various things, the Instant Soulmate Finder service can be implemented to help members find people with common interests and values.

PS: Actually, we're planning to create an Instant Soulmate Finder here at Fun4Biz. in the nearest future.

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[ Dragan Dejkovic ] 5/11/11 Add a comment
Expert rating 8.75
Public rating 8.83

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The same idea could be used in a cafe where every table is equipped with a LAN-connected computer.

A visitor places an order and, while waiting for his or her order to come, gives marks to quotes, jokes, pictures, etc.  The system informs immediately about the best matches, say 88% or 73% currently available. When new people arrive and make their evaluations, the best match list is immediately updated.

The Soulmate Finding game could also be palyed on big screen thus making the whole excercise a great show and fun.

PS: This service could also be used in the Smarter Cafe.

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Soulmate Finding Cafe
  Dragan Dejkovic 8.83 5/11/11
The Sex Appeal Measuring Device would be a great addition:-)
Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 5/11/11
Then we need to build a short-stay hotel nearby:-)))))))))
Humorous Dragan Dejkovic 5/13/11
Self-confident people don't need this device:-)))
Humorous Anchali Hyapha 5/18/11
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