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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ]   Created: 5/31/17   Closing date: 6/1/17
Market size: Large (> 10,000,000 people)    Investments required: Medium (< US$5,000,000)
Expert rating 6.8
Public rating 6.67

A passenger can buy an empty seat behind him at a small amount on money (below US$ 50) so he could sleep better on a long-distance flight.

The chair has a function "Lay Back" that is enabled if the empty seat behind is purchased by the passenger sitting in this chair.

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[ Dragan Dejkovic ] 5/31/17 Add a comment
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Automatic March-making Service
  Vadim Kotelnikov 6.6 5/31/17
Yes, this is a great improvement!
  Elena Dobrynchenko 5/31/17
The Seat Behind Can Be Auctioned
  Ravi Bindra 4.17 5/31/17
Yes, some Airlines auctiionalready higher class seats
  Elena Dobrynchenko 5/31/17
Yes, that's what I dream about when I'm on a night flight
  Victoria Kozlova 5/31/17
WOW!, that would be great for long-distance flyers!
  Anchali Hyapha 5/31/17
I'll use this service when it's established.
  Dragan Dejkovic 5/31/17
I'll buy it is someone sponsors my good sleep)
Humorous Blob Varchar 5/31/17
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