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"People don't pay for technology. They pay for the solution to their problems or for something they enjoy."

Dean Kamen 


Why New Products Fail?

  • Invention, not customers and their needs, come first; research capabilities are used  to come up with unique products, instead of creating unique customer value... More

New Product Development (NPD)

Shift To New Approaches: 7 Reasons

  • Designers, not marketers, identify new product opportunities. Traditional marketing tools are good for analyzing existing market ideas. Intuitive thinking, qualitative approach used by designers is very good for imagining new possibilities. Designers identify new product opportunities, create design briefs, conduct market research, develop a platform for further innovations and even brief advertising companies on how to promote the new product... More

8 Best Practices of Successful Companies

  • Design new products for efficient manufacture... More

Innovation Practice Tips


  • Observe people, customers and non-customers, especially enthusiasts... More

Keeping Eyes Open for Inspiration


  • Develop empathy for diversified consumers' needs, even if those consumers are very different from yourself, if you want to anticipate their interests and needs. The best products embrace people's differences... More

The Jazz of Innovation

11 Practice Tips

  1. Challenge assumptions. Think outside-the-box. Ask searching questions to identify hidden problems and opportunities. Keep eyes open for inspiration. Brainstorm every day... More

Eight Best Practices of Successful Companies

  1. Introduce new products faster that the competition.

  2. Design new products for efficient manufacture... More



Five Stages of the Design Process

  1. Preparation of concepts

  2. Detailed design

  3. Production of prototypes

  4. Testing

  5. Final design

Why Companies Outsource New Product Design and Development: The Four Key Reasons1

  1. Innovation: leading companies have an almost insatiable thirst for new knowledge, expertise, methodologies, and work practices around innovation.

  2. Raw capacity: companies have a bigger appetite than their in-house resources could satisfy.

  3. Speed: companies look outside if they have low capacity for moving with speed and cannot find anybody in-house to sign up to some incredibly tight deadline.

  4. Specific expertise: companies require specific expertise outside their core competencies.

Canon Production System (CPS)

Waste Categories and 9 Wastes To Be Eliminated

Product Design

Producing products with more functions than necessary... More

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New Product Development

Why New Products Fail?

New Product Design: 7 Reasons for Shifting To New Approaches

Observing People

New-To-The-World Product Development

6 Powerful Inventive Thinking Techniques

TRIZ 40 Principles



The Art of Innovation: 9 Truths

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Trend Spotting Tips

10 Brainstorming Rules

Innovation-friendly Organization

Organizing for Innovation: Organizational Models that Support Innovation

How To Transform Your Business Into an Innovative and Creative Culture

Guiding Principles To Liberate Employees from the Fear of Trying New Things

10 Ways To Murder Creativity

Smart Corporate Leader

How To Lead Creative People

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

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The Secret Formula: Building Innovation Into Your Organization

Success depends on both what you do and how you do it. There are specific elements that help you and your company to be more innovative.


But it's not a matter of simply following directions. The 'secret formula' is actually not very formulaic. It's  blend of culture, methodologies, infrastructure, and work practices.1

Steve Jobs' 12 Rules of Success

  1. Pay attention to design. We made the buttons on the screen look so good you'll want to lick them. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.... More

Customers Will Usually Come Back If...

  • All the physical aspects of your product or service give a favorable impression... More

Observing People

Observation-fueled insight that makes innovation possible. Uncovering what comes naturally to people. And having the strengths to change the rules... More


Brainstorming is not just a valuable creative tool at the fuzzy front end of projects. It's also "a pervasive cultural influence for making sure that individuals don't waste too much energy spinning their wheels on a tough problem when the collective wisdom of the team can get them "unstuck" in less than an hour."4... More


"Quick prototyping is about acting before you've got the answers, about taking chances, stumbling a little, but then making it right. Living, moving prototypes can help shape your ideas. When you're creating something new to the world, you can't look over your shoulder to see what your competitors are doing; you have to find another source of inspiration," says Tom Kelly1 from IDEO... More


Design for Environment (DfE)

Design for Environment (DfE), also known as eco-design of green design, recognizes that environmental impacts must be considered during the design process, along with all of the usual design criteria. The purpose of green design is to evaluate and identify ways to minimize the environmental burden resulting from products... More

 Case in Point  Harley-Davidson

At Harley-Davidson, a manufacturer of heavy-weight motorcycles, management commitment to new product design via cross-functional teams is clear. Representatives from engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and marketing have always had influence on the future direction of new products. In addition, management is implementing self-managed work teams to help meet the challenges of manufacturing its products in a timely fashion. Harley-Davidson's self-management work teams are on the way to becoming the standard for the industry.5... More

The JAZZ of INNOVATION (Ten3 Mini-course)

 Case in Point  Radius Product Development Inc.

Radius Product Development, Inc. is an award winning industrial design and product engineering firm. Radius redefines innovation by integrating all stakeholder needs and unrestrained creativity with its global engineering and implementation power to deliver real-world, success-ready products to its clients. Since its inception in 1992, Radius has successfully developed innovative products with their clients in the medical, consumer, and industrial markets. With an emphasis on designing emotionally appealing products that are efficient to manufacture, the Radius team excels in all phases of the product development process. As a full service company, Radius provides industrial design, development and engineering of a client's product opportunity. Radius is able to offer their clients the advantage of product designs that lend themselves to efficient manufacturing through their joint venture partner Nypro, the eighth-largest plastics injection molder in the United States.


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The Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic of Innovation...

Evaluating and Refining New Product Design...

Idea Management: Diversion and Conversion of Ideas...

Thinking in Three Dimensions...


A Simplified Approach to LCA During the Product Design Stage...

Test Marketing Your Product or Service...

 Case in Point  IDEO...

 Case in Point  General Electric (GE)

 Case in Point  Joint Engineering Design by Ford and ABB...

 Case in Point  Ford Lio Ho Motor Company...

 Case in Point  DEGAP Tool...

 Case in Point  Canon...




  1. The Art of Innovation, Tom Kelley

  2. Driving Growth Through Innovation, Robert B. Tucker

  3. Managing New Products, Thomas D. Kuczmarski

  4. A Simplified Approach to LCA During the Product Design Stage, Prof. Jahau Lewis Chen and Mr. Chih-Wei Liau

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