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Observing Disruptive People

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By Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder, Ten3 BUSINESS e-COACH - Innovation Unlimited, 1000ventures.com

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"People don't pay for technology. They pay for the solution to their problems or for something they enjoy."

– Dean Kamen


The Tao of Observation-fueled Product Innovation

  1. YIN (passive, accepting side). Uncovering what comes naturally to people.

  2. YANG (active, aggressive side). Having the strength to change the rules.

New-to-the-World Product Design & Development

The Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic of Innovation1

By IDEO - a World Leading Product Design Firm

  1. Observation

  2. Brainstorming

  3. Prototyping

New Product Development (NPD)

Shift To New Approaches: 7 Reasons

  • Designers research into total human experience, not merely customer experience. In contrast to artificial situations of focus group discussions, designers prefer conducting in-context observations looking at the world through their customers’ eyes, empathizing with the soul, mind and body of customer... More

Trend Spotting Tips

By IDEO – a World Leading Product Design Company

  • Observe people, customers and noncustomers, especially enthusiasts... More

Innovation Practice Tips


  • Build bridges from one department to another, from your company to your prospective customers, and ultimately from the present to the future... More

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New Product Development

Why New Products Fail?

New Product Design

New Product Design: 7 Reasons for Shifting To New Approaches

New-To-The-World Product Development

6 Powerful Inventive Thinking Techniques

TRIZ 40 Principles


Creating, Winning, and Retaining Customers

Make the Competition Irrelevant

Marketing and Selling Quotes


Trend Spotting Tips

Entrepreneurial Creativity

10 Brainstorming Rules

Systemic Innovation

The Jazz of Innovation

11 Practicing Tips

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 Case in Point

New Way to Cook Salmon

Source: Advanced Systemic Inventive Thinking (ASIT) Network

Many times customers use products in a way their manufacturers never dreamed of. This is why it's so important to spend time and money watching the customers while using the product. To illustrate, guests at a wedding enjoyed the catering very much, and most of all the hosts received lots of praise for the salmon dish. Curiously they asked their caterer how he prepared the Salmon. To their surprise he willingly revealed his secret... "I cooked it in a dishwasher."

 Case in Point

Washing Machine – a New Application

Source: Advanced Systemic Inventive Thinking (ASIT) Network


Whirlpool washing machines in India was studying the market for the Whirl products in Northern India. In the northern part of India, most people consume buttermilk made out of curd. To company managers' surprise, many families used their washing machine for stirring curd and making buttermilk! The reason was simple: washing machines were cheaper than stirrers and more suitable. The company managers could not believe it! 

 Case in Point  IDEO

All IDEO-designed products were inspired by watching real people. "We are not funs of focus groups. We don't much care for traditional market research either. We go to the source. Not the "experts" inside a company, but the actual people who use the product or something similar to what we're hoping to create. It's precisely this observation-fueled insight that makes innovation possible. Uncovering what comes naturally to people. And having the strengths to change the rules," writes Tom Kelley.1





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